Monday, January 28, 2013

gaining 0.25kg..oooohhoohhhohhhww

Salam allz

after 5 days of holiday
im back
n still im worried
last session i.e my 4th session
i gain 0.25kg..ouchhh

ive been trying to follow my diet carefully
but there was a nite when we're at in laws
i ate rice
n tt must be the answer for the gain

actually i did some self checking
what is tt im aiming in my weight reduce journey
i dont want my thought distracted by the consultant
(coz if u have money than only u afford to pay)

so i decided to be firm
tt the slimming centre is only helping me
to burn stuborn fats
as for myself
i've to work hard to reduce weight and achieve my ideal weight (50.4kg)

and while im browsing
i found a really true answer
tt is:

"u should not compare ur total lost of weight with others, coz the way ur body works is not the same..what u can compare is how u lead ur life..wheter it is healthy or not..but there are some good points u can use for example what and how does the people eat and exercise.."

since then, good bye...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

3rd session...lost 1kg

Salam allz
last sat i went for my 3rd session
not a tremendous change
only lost of 1kg

it seem look like a small amount
as long it is ok
and my body is ok
then im ok

going to work hard for 7kg more
to reduce it possible?

Note: 3rd session: BCS + Massage

till then, bye2...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

diet + saving $

Salam allz

just to share
since i brought food from home to work (5 days per week)
im saving a lot of RM

last week no penny out of my wallet
this week only RM10...that was for vege soup for lunch
and bfast this morning

if im stick to my diet plan
for sure im saving a lot of RM

so everyone, come join me

just cook a simple meal
as per diet plan
it's enough for ur tummy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd session at slim world

salam allz
last thurs i went for my 2nd session
it took me 2 hours to complete it

1st using a machine
if im not mistaken it is called DTM
seriously it is paintful (beauty is pain, rite?)
as it works to burn the stuborn fats
for 20 mins

then the massage
about an hour

then hot blanket
for 20 mins
and i slept

next is my weight 58kg (lost of 5kg)..
so i need to works hard for the 8kg more

end up with short consultation
im advise to follow the diet
though i lost 5kg
coz the earlier stage is the reduced of water in body
start from now is fat burning

note: hubby is happy with my body!

actually it is a long way to go...
till then, bye2...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

14 days high protein diet

salam allz

just to share my diet meal intake
there're a few rules tt need to be obey

RULE 1: Drink more than 4 litres water everyday (morning until 7-8 pm)
water helps ur body from dehydrates...and to keep u from being hungry

- pedas

(all food with those criteria should be avoided esp during this 14 days)

0800 - milk
0900 - 2 sausages
1000 - 1 egg
1100 - milk
1300 - lunch (any amount of vege or grill/steam chicken or vege soup/fish ball soup)
1800  - dinner (any amount of vege or grill/steam chicken or vege soup/fish ball soup)

note: in between ensure u drink water (4 litres water)..and toilet will become ur permanent partner..

for the past 5 days, i enjoy eating salad, the easiest food to be prepared..and will continue with this plan for the next coming days

always seek for professional advice when u want to be on diet..(a friend of mine condemn me on being stupid to pay for tt rm7k just to slim my body, and yet she ask for this diet menu plan...and im sincerely give a copy..i dont mind to share knowledge as long as please do not condenm others on their effort..if u think u can do it on ur own, then let it be)

and i trust myself to reduce weight and starting a healthy lifestyle before i turn 30...

till then, bye2...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1st session at slim world

salam allz
as i promised
i'll share my experience

i went to the centre for my 1st session on last sat, 5.1.2013
a good start for new year hah???

first of all, have to pay fully the fee
 i paid around 7k
(tt doesnt include their home care which i dont think i'll subcribe)

i was brought into a room
given a panty (i think it is more sexier than G-string...hehehehe)
and a towel (big towel perhaps)

the beautician start to measure my body
then i was ask to lie on the bed
and the session start

1st- burning the stuborn fats
they used a machine
which i think really comfortable
the beautician will adjust to ur need
that will take for about 20 mins

then they will increase to mild
also for about 20 mins

next focus is on tummy
also for about 20 mins

(note: should allow the beautician see ur body...hubby say yes for im okay with tt coz some of us very shy about our body shape and wouldnt allow anyone to see it)

after tt, the beautician start to massage (it is not a gentle massage okay)... i think it almost took us one hour for massage...

end of the session, the beautician explain on how to diet
and im starting my 14 days high protein diet once im out of the centre
will be there for my next session this coming saturday

my thought: at first thought, i feel useless to pay quite a lot of money just to reduce my weight..but after doing some talk with hubby, we think it worth coz of the following reasons:

1. my mum had diabetes and she passed away coz of "3 serangkai" and of coz the genes will be in me
2. i was induced during delivery of my 2nd baby, hadi..coz i had diabetes (i think it is a force delivery coz i didnt feel any contraction on the due date)...and during my 2nd pregnancy i have to go to hospital for blood checkup (sugar checkup) till my baby is 38 weeks..can u imagine how bored tt was???
3. i had jog and do some work out and yet i still gain weight
4. i want to be healthy and just slim..yeah, before i turn 3 series, it is better for me to create a healthy lifestyle..
5. i can save a lot of money..coz i will be cooking at home and bring healthy food to work..

after all, i need guidance and advise from the right person..and by sharing my experience at least im bringing hope for people outhere who want to change their life but dont know where to start...

i will be sharing my 14 days high protein diet on the next entry (before this i had browse through the net on the diet..yeah,tt suit for people who are active..but if u're like me (not tt active)..u need the way im dieting)

till then, bye2...

Monday, January 7, 2013

i'm worried

salam allz
i dont know how to express my feeling
luckily i have this blog
yeah, i know i can share it here
what makes me really worried weight
my BMI is 26 now (normal person should 24)
so im a bit worry
i gain im 62kg
hubby is 65kg...what a big different for us
so now im fighting all the fats
to reach my target 50kg...
is it impossible?hahahahahha

well, i roll into slimming centre
where else?slim world
i paid quite a load of money (for me)
n hopefully i'll achieve my target (if not 50kg, 52 should be okay then)

i went to my 1st session last week
and now im into my 14 days high protein diet
(later will share with u allz how's the session be like)

no.2 that worries me is my bone
as per my earlier entry
im talking about my new habit
drink anlene milk

well, last sat i went to jusco
anlene has free bone checkup...
my bone is at lower least it was not at critical stage as before
so everday i'll drink anlene to ensure
my bone is occay for long term

*will update with pics later..

till then, bye2

Sunday, January 6, 2013

family day spp

salam allz
today's entry will be about family day spp
which was held on 1.1.2013
(spp means seksyen pembangunan perakaunan)'s office thingy

our family day was organised at ninie's house at precint 11, putrajaya
we plan for that day for about 2 weeks
planning is more on food & games

live cook for kew tiau

me bz with corn while hubby bz with chicken

chicken, sausages, and beef..grilled..and RV Cake

everybody is bz

that is the day 01.01.2013


cupcakes decorating


everybody is done decorating



faces of happiness


nini and lil hadi

i've edited the pics
but seem i cant upload it for time being
will edit this entry in near future...

at last, finally
today i can upload the pics

bye allz.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

amanda brownies

salam allz
last week hubby went to jakarta + bandung
he spent his christmas there

he did some shopping
i get 3 new cloths for hari raya..yeayyy..
coz others only get one each

hubby bought brownies..actually i told him to buy kartika sari
well u know, guys never care on branding
for them any brownies will do
as long it is from bandung

till then..i'll bz editing our office family day on 1.1.2013..will update my blog soon...