Monday, June 24, 2013

hanis and hadi birthday party

salam allz
sorry, its been ages i didnt update any entry
been quite bz with work n household
hubs outstation for 2 weeks
n im super tired with HH

so here are some of the pics on HH bday party:
my cute candy buffet..use my tupperware to store the worries for kids
simple candy buffet
hanis 4th bday cake = ben 10
hadi 3rd bday cake = spongebob
he stay near to his cake..he doesnt want people to eat his spongebob!
thxs for coming
till then,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

never ending of planning

salam allz
from the title it might be planning of pregnancy
but it is not

what i mean is planning for the coming days
as i had mention earlier
got few activities and programmes

8 jun - hanis n hadi birthday party (3-7pm)
1. im preparing laksa sarawak..n im going to cook it on my own
2. ordered roti jala
3. my sil helping me with popiah sambal
4. ordered cheesetart n apam polkadot
5. bought candies and prepared goodies bag
6. going to prepare fruit cocktail and dadih on my own
7. my mil going to prepare colourful agar2
8. ordered ben10 cake for hanis n spongebob for hadi

9 jun - mizuno wave run
have to run at least 5 round or 20 mins exercise everyday to maintain my stamina

10 jun - fly for bandung for hols with hubs
1. done with web check in
2. done with hotel booking
3. had called maybank for international withdrawal
4. have to go money exchange - planning sun afternoon n drop my kids at mil house
5. packing - later sun nite

and now i know the important of having personal assistant (PA)..helping with the on time..without leaving anything behind..

btw, i always wanted to update the pics with hawa ( a fren of mine who is a novice runner..through her i know the fun of joining marathon)..thxs hawa!

hawa n me

me and hawa

till then,

Monday, June 3, 2013

i need time...

salam allz
this week is a seriously a bz week for me
i have a lot of things in my head
planning..scheduling work..n executing


coz next week im going for bandung on hols..for five days straight
so i need to clear my desk in office


will be celebrating hanis n hadi birthday on this coming saturday..8 jun 2013..(i hv been planning for 2 weeks, hope everything turn out well)
and the very next day, i will be running in mizuno wave run in putrajaya

ohhh..i really, really love my life..

till then,