Tuesday, December 17, 2013

pandora bracelets

As salam allz

been a while i last updated my blog
not tt bz i am..but lazy..hehehehe

well, recently i bought pandora bracelet
actually i wanted it long ago...and i can wait
however, when im 28 weeks preggy, the feeling to have one
very irresistable...muhahahahahha...

so finally...
pic from google
my 1st pandora bracelet look like this...silver bracelet..with 2 stoppers encrave with PANDORA and a charm..well i have to wait for pay day to add at least two more charms (for the time being)..hehehehhe

one thing for sure..once u bought it, u will think about buying new charms..so better watch out ur budget...

there are different however if u wear gold bracelets..if gold we dont need to take it off..u can cook n shower while wearing gold..but for pandora, have to be  a bit carefull (the message from the salesperson:wear ur pandora like wearing ur wrist watch)...

since then, lots of loves...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

new workplace..i'm happy

salam allz

it's been 3 months last i update my blog
been a month im working in kl
so happy..less traffic jam...less work load..less stress

n now im 23 weeks pregnant
my tummy getting bigger then
baby keep on kicking
n i realise i start to put on my weight (a nightmare when come to think about losing the fats later)

apart from that, im bit worried
my exam will be on dec 11..
n yet i havent finish reading all the topics

since then, bye2..lots of loves

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3rd pregnancy

salam allz
its been a while i didnt update this blog

not feeling well..
im 8 weeks pregnant
hanis n hadi really excited when i inform about new baby

till then, love..love...love

Monday, July 1, 2013

bandung trip

salam allz

on 10th june till 14th june me n hub went to bandung
some sort of honeymoon
but not planning to hv bby very soon
its more like spending time together
just the two of us
+ shopping

we depart from lcct on 10th june
arrive at bandung around 4.00pm
straight away check in hotel
(we stay at hotel unik at jln kebun kawung)
(kartika sari is just around the corner)

at lcct

arrival at bandara hussein sastranegara bandung
we took shower
n start our journey
first thing first
looking for bandung map
we bought it at istana plaza
then we walk our way till jln dago
n end up eating at semariang restaurant(if im not mistaken)
then took a cab to hotel since its too late
n we dont want to take the risk of pick pocket at nite

and luckily we manage to hv a quite nice driver taxi
he offered to bring us to tangkuban perahu n strawberry picking the very next day
with the cost of 500rupiah
me n hubs ok with that since the place is not accessible if we walk
have to have a transport then

on 11th june..we start the day after taking lite bfast at the hotel
we straight away go to tangkuban perahu
love the scenery but hate the salesman
they follow us everyway
spoilt my mood

tangkuban perahu



then we went for stroberi picking
me n hub laughing over it coz we never care to pick a strawberry in msia

stroberi petik sendiri

then pak mamat (driver taxi) bring us to restoran daun for lunch
really nice place n calming
then we ask him to bring us to rumah mode
i just bought a blouse, shirt n blouse for HH
im not really into shopping at the factory outlet
since i think i can get better here in KL

restoran daun


then we ask him to drive us to toko tiga
then went to Trans Studio Bandung
n Jalan Naripan
where i found the NY Liem bakery shop
n im really satisfied with the day though have to add another 250rupiah for taxi fare

trans studio bandung

NY Liem bakery shop

on 12 & 13 june..
we spend both days at pasar baru
both nite we went eating western food
since i dont think i can swallow their nasi anymore

we went to airport early 14th to catch our 8.00am flite to KL
safely landed at lcct..

bye2 bandung

till then..love...love...love...

Monday, June 24, 2013

hanis and hadi birthday party

salam allz
sorry, its been ages i didnt update any entry
been quite bz with work n household
hubs outstation for 2 weeks
n im super tired with HH

so here are some of the pics on HH bday party:
my cute candy buffet..use my tupperware to store the candies..no worries for kids
simple candy buffet
hanis 4th bday cake = ben 10
hadi 3rd bday cake = spongebob
he stay near to his cake..he doesnt want people to eat his spongebob!
thxs for coming
till then, love...love...love

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

never ending of planning

salam allz
from the title it might be planning of family..ie pregnancy
but it is not

what i mean is planning for the coming days
as i had mention earlier
got few activities and programmes

8 jun - hanis n hadi birthday party (3-7pm)
1. im preparing laksa sarawak..n im going to cook it on my own
2. ordered roti jala
3. my sil helping me with popiah sambal
4. ordered cheesetart n apam polkadot
5. bought candies and prepared goodies bag
6. going to prepare fruit cocktail and dadih on my own
7. my mil going to prepare colourful agar2
8. ordered ben10 cake for hanis n spongebob for hadi

9 jun - mizuno wave run
have to run at least 5 round or 20 mins exercise everyday to maintain my stamina

10 jun - fly for bandung for hols with hubs
1. done with web check in
2. done with hotel booking
3. had called maybank for international withdrawal
4. have to go money exchange - planning sun afternoon n drop my kids at mil house
5. packing - later sun nite

and now i know the important of having personal assistant (PA)..helping with the schedule..be on time..without leaving anything behind..

btw, i always wanted to update the pics with hawa ( a fren of mine who is a novice runner..through her i know the fun of joining marathon)..thxs hawa!

hawa n me

me and hawa

till then, love..love...love

Monday, June 3, 2013

i need time...

salam allz
this week is a seriously a bz week for me
i have a lot of things in my head
planning..scheduling work..n executing


coz next week im going for bandung on hols..for five days straight
so i need to clear my desk in office


will be celebrating hanis n hadi birthday on this coming saturday..8 jun 2013..(i hv been planning for 2 weeks, hope everything turn out well)
and the very next day, i will be running in mizuno wave run in putrajaya

ohhh..i really, really love my life..

till then, love..love..love

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

malaysia breakfast day (MBD) 19.5.2013

Salam allz

as i had mention earlier
i join MBD yesterday organised by MILO Malaysia
i found my way
n no traffic jam..hehehe..
coz i went out from my house at 5am
reach UPM just nice for subuh prayer
n the car park start to full then

I get to know new friends
Ika from Sentul
n Jennifer from Klang

i joined the 7km run
flag off at 7am sharp

i really enjoy the run
as i run slow n steady
nothing to rush
n i manage to complete my run in 55mins

right after finishing line

getting slimmer and curvy..ahakss

goody bag
received goodie bag comprise of RM3 breakfast voucher, limited edition milo mug, n 3in1 milo packs
n 7km finisher medal..woohooo..but no certificate for this event
till then, love..love...love

NOTE: next run will be mizuno wave run at Putrajaya..Insya Allah

Thursday, May 16, 2013

PIL off for umrah

Salam allz

yesterday my parent in law (PIL) off for umrah
they will be in Saudi Arabia for about 12 days

I'm happy for them
for having the chance to go to makkah
n madinah

Hope them both are healthy
n able to perform the ibadah

me n husna (my eldest niece)..we look like sisters rather than aunt n niece..hehehehehe

hanis feeling sleepy n yet want me to take her pic

till then..love..love..love

note: im going for milo bfast run this coming sunday..n i have to drive on my own (i never go to upm on my own before...hope i can find the place without any hussle)..hubby is outstation till monday...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

Salam allz
just a quick entry
we celebrated mothers' day twice this year

on sat nite
we gather at parent in law house
had cake cutting
n hanis n hadi sang a song
"selamat hari ibu" with a kiss for me

on sun nite
we travel from kl-hentian seremban
just to enjoy the delicous yong tau foo
reach home at 12am

till then, love...love...love

Thursday, May 2, 2013

family gathering..bbq...dheritage..hulu yam

salam allz
on lst may..last wed..we went for a family gathering
actually it was organised by my bro in law together with his friends
he invited us to join
at dheritage hulu yam

hanis n hadi really excited
esp when hubs told about swimming in the river
infact both of them want to stay in the river
not even want to step out for lunch
n i have to force them to take a bite

minangstay..rm150 per nite..convinient and can fit 5 families

at the riverbank
we really enjoyed meeting new friends
not only friends..it was like one big families
with everyone helping preparing for food
play with the kids

hubs with the kids

mil preparing sambal belacan while others helping

we had lamb..chicken..fish..but we forget about the sausages in the fridge..hehehehe

one big family

among us on tt day

their natural pool

forcing hanis to eat

notty lil hadi
till then, love..love..love

Monday, April 29, 2013

ruN to gaiN

Salam allz

last sat
i join run to gain
organised by UKM student at taman tasik titiwangsa
it is an event organised for rumah anak2 yatim n Kirtash home

run to gain

get to know new friend..nonie
both of them inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle
2 categories:
1. man - 5 km  = 2 round of tasik
2. ladies - 2.5 km = 1 round of tasik

i manage to finish my run in 20 mins
not tt occay since i also walk..hehehehe

before running, we participate in aerobic
the instructor is very sporting n daringly dancing
i really enjoy when we dance for shakira song
feel like im sexy.hehehehehe
and everyone are enjoying the moments
with no shy

till then, bye2...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

melur jelita

salam allz

i know her novel has been printed by 9 times
(n im a bit late to post about it) but still im interested to write...

well, im crazy..im in love
with novel by melur jelita

before this, i always borrow novels from my sis in law
n after done reading novel by melur jelita
im getting in love..seriously, melur jelita is a killer
going to buy the novel on my own
so tt i can keep on reading

awak suka saya tak?
the story of Hilman Yong n Intan

i love u, stupid

note: pics are from mr google

the story of Firman Ebrahim n Iris

if u're a book keeper and die hard fan of novel (or a diva)
please have it on ur shelf
worth buying
and if u're stalker of melur jelita
she will be at the Karya Seni booth on 26 - 27 April 2013
at Pesta Buku in PWTC
she will be realising her new sequel of ILUS
'MY Precious Iris'
with the author..melur jelita
my own copy of MPI
till then, bye2...

love and care 2013 programme

salam allz

it has been a week since my last post
quite bz for the past few days

today's entry is about love and care programme
which i attended on 15-17 April 2013
at rainforest resort, taman negara, pahang

as soon as i heard i need to attend this course
i was jumping with joy
coz i really need it
and the content of the programme is something which im looking for

9.00am- depart to taman negara, pahang
1.30 pm - reach rainforest resort, the sun is on top of our head
need to look for our own lunch
found the nearest restaurant
had 'ikan patin'..delicious

ikan patin with rice for lunch

2.30pm - ice breaking session
8.00pm - continue with classroom lecture, had our attack and defender programme

ice breaking with updating FB
morning - canopy walk in taman negara
afternoon - rapid shooting and visit orang asli settlement
nite - bbq and karaoke session

ready for canopy walk

around the small jetty

welcome to taman negara, pahang

canopy walk

thxs ryan for this pic..i really like it

closing ceremony
going back kl