Monday, April 29, 2013

ruN to gaiN

Salam allz

last sat
i join run to gain
organised by UKM student at taman tasik titiwangsa
it is an event organised for rumah anak2 yatim n Kirtash home

run to gain

get to know new friend..nonie
both of them inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle
2 categories:
1. man - 5 km  = 2 round of tasik
2. ladies - 2.5 km = 1 round of tasik

i manage to finish my run in 20 mins
not tt occay since i also walk..hehehehe

before running, we participate in aerobic
the instructor is very sporting n daringly dancing
i really enjoy when we dance for shakira song
feel like im sexy.hehehehehe
and everyone are enjoying the moments
with no shy

till then, bye2...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

melur jelita

salam allz

i know her novel has been printed by 9 times
(n im a bit late to post about it) but still im interested to write...

well, im in love
with novel by melur jelita

before this, i always borrow novels from my sis in law
n after done reading novel by melur jelita
im getting in love..seriously, melur jelita is a killer
going to buy the novel on my own
so tt i can keep on reading

awak suka saya tak?
the story of Hilman Yong n Intan

i love u, stupid

note: pics are from mr google

the story of Firman Ebrahim n Iris

if u're a book keeper and die hard fan of novel (or a diva)
please have it on ur shelf
worth buying
and if u're stalker of melur jelita
she will be at the Karya Seni booth on 26 - 27 April 2013
at Pesta Buku in PWTC
she will be realising her new sequel of ILUS
'MY Precious Iris'
with the author..melur jelita
my own copy of MPI
till then, bye2...

love and care 2013 programme

salam allz

it has been a week since my last post
quite bz for the past few days

today's entry is about love and care programme
which i attended on 15-17 April 2013
at rainforest resort, taman negara, pahang

as soon as i heard i need to attend this course
i was jumping with joy
coz i really need it
and the content of the programme is something which im looking for

9.00am- depart to taman negara, pahang
1.30 pm - reach rainforest resort, the sun is on top of our head
need to look for our own lunch
found the nearest restaurant
had 'ikan patin'..delicious

ikan patin with rice for lunch

2.30pm - ice breaking session
8.00pm - continue with classroom lecture, had our attack and defender programme

ice breaking with updating FB
morning - canopy walk in taman negara
afternoon - rapid shooting and visit orang asli settlement
nite - bbq and karaoke session

ready for canopy walk

around the small jetty

welcome to taman negara, pahang

canopy walk

thxs ryan for this pic..i really like it

closing ceremony
going back kl

Sunday, April 7, 2013

run sisters run

salam allz

i feel great n satisfied
i have a new passion in life

so for the next coming months
i registered for marathon
at least once a month

5.5.2013 milo breakfast run
9.6.2013 mizuno wave run
7.7.2013 feelgoodrun

reasons: a lot
among others: healthy, fit, active, be motivated, fun, new friends.. n great curves

yesterday, i join the malaysian women marathon (MWM)
it was a great honour to meet Kathrine Switzer in person..(she is the marathon woman)
she inspire women out there to start running n never be shame of running among mens

with kathrine switzer
MWM 7.4.2013 in Shah Alam
run sisters run!
3 categories...42km, 21km and 8km
i took the 8km finishing in one hour 14 mins (not tt good.hehehehe)
wouldn't dare to try the full n half marathon
im afraid a lot of walking than running..muuhahahaha

right after the finishing line
                                                   with syahrul amri..pacer for the day

hubby drive me to i-city, shah alam
he was quite surprise to see the novice runners..the women
despite feeling sleepy, he was having fun laughing
coz not everyone has the style of running
he describe me as cartoon when he saw me running
well, who long i enjoy it...
n thxs hubby for supporting my new passion..

note: im weight tt i dont really care of my weight loss, what really important is fat loss!

till then, bye2...