Tuesday, May 21, 2013

malaysia breakfast day (MBD) 19.5.2013

Salam allz

as i had mention earlier
i join MBD yesterday organised by MILO Malaysia
i found my way
n no traffic jam..hehehe..
coz i went out from my house at 5am
reach UPM just nice for subuh prayer
n the car park start to full then

I get to know new friends
Ika from Sentul
n Jennifer from Klang

i joined the 7km run
flag off at 7am sharp

i really enjoy the run
as i run slow n steady
nothing to rush
n i manage to complete my run in 55mins

right after finishing line

getting slimmer and curvy..ahakss

goody bag
received goodie bag comprise of RM3 breakfast voucher, limited edition milo mug, n 3in1 milo packs
n 7km finisher medal..woohooo..but no certificate for this event
till then, love..love...love

NOTE: next run will be mizuno wave run at Putrajaya..Insya Allah

Thursday, May 16, 2013

PIL off for umrah

Salam allz

yesterday my parent in law (PIL) off for umrah
they will be in Saudi Arabia for about 12 days

I'm happy for them
for having the chance to go to makkah
n madinah

Hope them both are healthy
n able to perform the ibadah

me n husna (my eldest niece)..we look like sisters rather than aunt n niece..hehehehehe

hanis feeling sleepy n yet want me to take her pic

till then..love..love..love

note: im going for milo bfast run this coming sunday..n i have to drive on my own (i never go to upm on my own before...hope i can find the place without any hussle)..hubby is outstation till monday...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

Salam allz
just a quick entry
we celebrated mothers' day twice this year

on sat nite
we gather at parent in law house
had cake cutting
n hanis n hadi sang a song
"selamat hari ibu" with a kiss for me

on sun nite
we travel from kl-hentian seremban
just to enjoy the delicous yong tau foo
reach home at 12am

till then, love...love...love

Thursday, May 2, 2013

family gathering..bbq...dheritage..hulu yam

salam allz
on lst may..last wed..we went for a family gathering
actually it was organised by my bro in law together with his friends
he invited us to join
at dheritage hulu yam

hanis n hadi really excited
esp when hubs told about swimming in the river
infact both of them want to stay in the river
not even want to step out for lunch
n i have to force them to take a bite

minangstay..rm150 per nite..convinient and can fit 5 families

at the riverbank
we really enjoyed meeting new friends
not only friends..it was like one big families
with everyone helping preparing for food
play with the kids

hubs with the kids

mil preparing sambal belacan while others helping

we had lamb..chicken..fish..but we forget about the sausages in the fridge..hehehehe

one big family

among us on tt day

their natural pool

forcing hanis to eat

notty lil hadi
till then, love..love..love