Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3rd pregnancy

salam allz
its been a while i didnt update this blog

not feeling well..
im 8 weeks pregnant
hanis n hadi really excited when i inform about new baby

till then,

Monday, July 1, 2013

bandung trip

salam allz

on 10th june till 14th june me n hub went to bandung
some sort of honeymoon
but not planning to hv bby very soon
its more like spending time together
just the two of us
+ shopping

we depart from lcct on 10th june
arrive at bandung around 4.00pm
straight away check in hotel
(we stay at hotel unik at jln kebun kawung)
(kartika sari is just around the corner)

at lcct

arrival at bandara hussein sastranegara bandung
we took shower
n start our journey
first thing first
looking for bandung map
we bought it at istana plaza
then we walk our way till jln dago
n end up eating at semariang restaurant(if im not mistaken)
then took a cab to hotel since its too late
n we dont want to take the risk of pick pocket at nite

and luckily we manage to hv a quite nice driver taxi
he offered to bring us to tangkuban perahu n strawberry picking the very next day
with the cost of 500rupiah
me n hubs ok with that since the place is not accessible if we walk
have to have a transport then

on 11th june..we start the day after taking lite bfast at the hotel
we straight away go to tangkuban perahu
love the scenery but hate the salesman
they follow us everyway
spoilt my mood

tangkuban perahu



then we went for stroberi picking
me n hub laughing over it coz we never care to pick a strawberry in msia

stroberi petik sendiri

then pak mamat (driver taxi) bring us to restoran daun for lunch
really nice place n calming
then we ask him to bring us to rumah mode
i just bought a blouse, shirt n blouse for HH
im not really into shopping at the factory outlet
since i think i can get better here in KL

restoran daun


then we ask him to drive us to toko tiga
then went to Trans Studio Bandung
n Jalan Naripan
where i found the NY Liem bakery shop
n im really satisfied with the day though have to add another 250rupiah for taxi fare

trans studio bandung

NY Liem bakery shop

on 12 & 13 june..
we spend both days at pasar baru
both nite we went eating western food
since i dont think i can swallow their nasi anymore

we went to airport early 14th to catch our 8.00am flite to KL
safely landed at lcct..

bye2 bandung