Tuesday, February 25, 2014

rumbling on counting days

salam allz

my edd is on 2.3.2014..which is next sunday..n yet i still havent feel to deliver..no show at all..just cramp a bit here n there...there are few things on my mind...1st..im happy coz i will work till this friday..2nd, im going to be admitted n induced on next monday...uwaaaaa..scary as it remind me how i feel being induced during hadi delivery n end up caesar...

now all i need to do is doa for easy delivery n of course vaginal birth..amin...

till then...lots of love

Sunday, February 16, 2014

38 weeks preggie

As salam allz...today im coming into 38 weeks preganancy
feeling: cant wait to deliver..(since this is my 3rd baby)
we had scan n expecting baby boy
im in a good health..manage to drive to work
n sharp 4.30 im going back home
to avoid bad traffic jam in kl...

im hoping to deliver the baby before my edd
as i get bored to attend my antenatal checkup

i've prepared everything
i hope so
in welcoming the baby
unfortunately big sis hanis like to play with lil baby clothes
n i think i have to arrange n keep the baby clothes once more before delivery
n this is very tedious

actually im hoping i will experience the sign of delivery
hanis (there are blood)
hadi (no sign at all, n since im diebetic during 2nd pregnancy, had to induce n end up caesar)
3rd baby..the doc had warn, if im not deliver the baby by 3 march, i may also undergo the induce...uwaaaaa
n all my doa is that..i can go through virginal birth for the 3rd baby..amin

since then, bye2
lots of love...