Monday, April 30, 2012

Anneyong Haseyo - April 16 - 18

April 16 - It was monday and we were on top of Cheonggye Mountain...well for the outdoor team building activity, we were climbing/hiking the mountain..for was easy to climb, but a bit hard during coming down since my left knee still in pain, thanks Hisham for lending ur hiking stick for me...well, for the team building, we were ask to wear the same outfit in my team choose red korean shirt and adidas jersey...
proud with Kak Norizah spirit for the hiking..
we come, we see, we conquer! - Korean Legend-
Boleh Bah Kalau KAU!

never left ur smile when u're happy
April 17 -  We check out from the hotel headed for our 3 days field trip..we were being introduce to our translator..Miss Vivien...she knows everything..a good spokeperson perhaps....and pretty! (I must say)

First we went to Jinju-city for is a small city actually.the food..delicious...

we finish everything on the plate
 Then we headed towards Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME)... this is my first time visit a big huge plant...never in my life i would imagine to visit this type of place..thanks to this program for the good exposure...fact: DSME was built on a reclamp sea water area..100%..that's impressive...unfortunately no photos are allowed at the the pics is on the office area only...
wow...everyone is amaze!
nice looking lady from DSME
Later that day, we arrived at Chungmu Mariana Resort.. we spent one nite stay and we were changing partner for sleep (i mean my partner is not the same as in Ambassador Hotel)...

We were given opportunity for yatch/cruise at the sea just in front of the resort..there are birds (may b eagles..i dont know..hahahha..we can feed them just like in Langkawi)...we enjoy the cruise but it was not untill no romantic mood..hahhaha
mr penghulu - Siva has the chance to drive the yatch
nice's a bit cold..thanks mr park for lending ur jacket to me...

chungmu resort

great pose by marie

dinner that nite


sunrise at chungmu resort
April 18 - next day we off to Posco which was located in Gwangyang city..Posco is a steel company (biggest in the world)..we were shown how the iron are made..but sorry no photos are allowed...most of the raw materials are imported from Australia..processed in the factory..the metal then exported and use domestically for car building.. i rarely see woman, may b this type of work suit man most...
concentrate on the talk given by the repsentative
Then we had lunch at Gokseong city...delish as usual...we had bibimbap actually..the old folks made it as welcoming our we were given chance to mix how many rice and vege (ingredient) on our own according to our need..

We were given speech and information about the Information Network Village (INVIL)...The head of the community introduce us the crops that they planted...we even have enough time for Q&A  session...

knowledge sharing by INVIL Head
And the best part, we were allowed to pick strawberry by ourself...fact: Korean strawberries is much sweet compare to Cameron Highland strawberries...
strawberry picking
i never knows guys also like strawberries just like the ladies do
Later that day we check in at Korean Traditional Style Resort...from the outside it looks like an ordinary korean traditional house..but they have improve the facility so u can find fridge, tv, normal bulb, hot and cold water tap, heater..etc...

Before we call it a day, we went for rail was an old railway, they commercialise it into tourism attraction....that nite, we had a simple bbq...

The resort relates to the old story of Sim Cheong (Im not sure is this the right spelling) his blind father has raise she sacrify her life to save his father in the hope his eyes will be last she married the king and met with his blind father....touching when Vivien share the story...
exercising using the railbike

rail bike


the guy is selling snacks in the train

nice and beautiful country resort


shaiful and me enjoy posing together..hahahha

beautiful scenery

love this pic..memorable moment

that was Sim Cheong (in the petal of tulip)
the 63rd EDP Delegates

our 2

i love this!
 for dinner, we went for crab..delish..

mostly remembered..delish crab

crab restaurant
 to be continue...

Anneyong Haseyo - April 13 - 14 2012

lets continue....

April 13 - we were schedule for On Job Training (OJT)..We were divided into 5 group (4 in one group) group went for Korea Immigration Office and Korea Customs Office...Both department really helpfull and they prepare presentation for us for better understanding of their is a good experience since if i come to Korea for holiday, for sure will not be allowed in prohibited area for example the reinvestigation office at Incheon International Airport. They show us the latest technology that they use in daily task...however, there are short limit of time for Q&A...(unfortunately no photos are allowed)

April 14 - Early in the morning we were bought to Namdaemun Market for brooch almost fainted to see their many choice..and since we only have about 2 hours for brooch shopping, i fully utilise it...well, choosing the best in short time is not a good idea..not good for mind shopping..hahahhaa...however i manage to grab for my loves one + officemate...

Later we went for taekwondo basic class..unfortunately i sprank my left knee..perhaps till now i feel it hurt ( i still can't perform my prayer as usual..i have to sit down to perform prayer)...

taekwondo basic class

with the master
During lunch we had delicious ever fish 'IKAN Bakar'...In Korea there are no gravy like the one we can find in Umbai, Melaka..the fish can be eat without gravy (since im not a big fan of wasabi..hahahha)..(actually they put wasabi plus small portion of soy sauce)...i just dip my fish with the sauce only...and yet..the yummy...

fresh fish..

places surround the restaurant..+ the guys with happy tummies
Then we headed to COTI for Korean Homestay experience..Kak Baya and me become sisters..we were fortunate to have Nikko and hubby as our host parents...that's include her cute lil granddaughter..chionnn (i dont know how to spell her name)...lucky us!  That nite we had dinner at Jessica (Italian Restaurant)..

April 15 - In the morning, Nikko cook for us..seriously she cook about 11 dishes + rice it will be 12...but its all in small portion...the must have dish is KIMCHI...Nikko made her own kimchi..she even have kimchi freezer in her house..that impressive right...

Nikko and hubby brought us to Nami Island. Its about 1 and 1/2 hours drive..we have to use ferry to the a bit crowded since it was sunday...everywhere we can see even met Malaysian on holiday too...later that day, Nikko sent us back to Ambassador Hotel..we really enjoy the trip...(some of friends may be jeolous of us for that)hahahhahaha....

malaysia flag is there in Nami Island

such a loving couple..hope me n hubby will be like them too

never forget Jun Sang from Winter Sonata

They belive if we put the stone..we are appreciating the one who had died

our lunch..bibimbap + impress with the young mother..this is Korean traditional way craddling babies

hot spot

kids are everywhere..they are really stylish at young age

thanks Nikko and hubby for the wondefull time spent with us

to be continue...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anneyong Haseyo - April 10 - 12

ok, we continue from the previous post

for the first week, we were having lectures in COTI. starting on the weekend till the 2nd week, we were out to experience real Korean life...

April 10 -  Before off to COTI, kak Norizah (my roomate) and me went to the nearest 7e to buy something plus sight seeing..hahahhaa

nice view surround the Hotel u my roomate!
On the street of Seoul...

the Government encourage the people for exercising...

land is most precious and valuable
The day start with lecture on Korea's IT Industry Development Strategy by Prof Dr. Lee Joo-Sung from KAIST...well, honestly when talking about IT, im a bit lost since im not an IT savvy person..but from the lecture i understand that Korean are more looking forward on gadgets..they think, they research, they innovate..for example the Samsung Galaxy Tab..the idea is from the Korean..and they are no.1 in the market.even the Japanese IT companies are surviving to sustain their growth...that is the risk in this type of business..and they are proud to use what they innovate..that spirit is what we want!!!
Internet in Korea is very fast - we like
In the afternoon lecture on Navigating the future - Korea's New Growth Engines. We went to Ministry of Knowledge and Economy to listen about this topic. Everyone was serious when we talk about economy..hehehhe..then it continue with talk about design...
looking serious during the talk
Later that nite, my group n me going out for window shopping..we went to Insadong n having coffee at little India...

April 11 - In Malaysia it was public Korea they are having election...

that morning we went off to National Museum of Korea and Gyeongbokyung time to be wasted..hehehehe
use gadgets provided to listen to the information

attentive listener

school trip to museum

entrance to the museum

Gyeongbokyung Palace
Gyeongbokyung Palace

Gyeongbokyung Palace

the guys

Gyeongbokyung Palace

Gyeongbokyung Palace

 fred was missing during taken of this pic (thanks to the yellow card)
Yellow card - its a card provided by COTI for emergency use. It was written in Korean langguage and English with contact numbers.
the ladies

pm office is nearby

full with tourist

love the architecture

scene to die for

i love the traditional!

chimney... this pic

this palace made me mad about the art of photography

seriously, i'm fall in love with this scenery

mr erwan enjoys the scenery too
After touring the palace, we off to saffron restaurant in Myeongdong for welcoming luncheon hosted by Malaysian Embassy. it really nice when we met malaysian in the oversea..deep in heart we can feel that we are ONE!

Saffron Restaurant
later, we went to see the election process...
at the school
the voting process really systematic and organised. The officers consist from various department and they really cooperative giving explanation to us...
happy to be part of it
at the counting sites..they use systematic approach with the help of computer system
April 12 - the day continue with lecture on leadership challenge: the executive case study by Prof Dr. Hwang In-Pyo and Public Policy Case Studies by Prof Kim Young-Kyu. We were given task to make a case study. We read through the case and have to come out with the summary on the feasible study...
leader is in u!
On nite we took the opportunity to go out by ourselves..
we went to Itaewon..Alhamdulillah, we pray Isyak at the mosque n having kebab for dinner...


halal kebab
ok peeps, to be continue later...