Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 hari raya celebration

salam allz
Alhamdulillah evrything run smoothly
we're back in KL safely

so this entry im gonna share our hari raya celeb
before tt let me share what hubby did during fasting month
he open murtabak stall at semarak bazaar ramadhan
the money comin' in almost 9k (profit)..waaaa..a lot of money for 25 days of selling murtabak...
murtabak..selling hot

 this year is my turn..so we went back to miri
the most best part is we spent our 1st day raya in marudi (my bro in law house)
it is really a village..i see green everywhere..n it is a great experience for hanis n hadi
we have to use express (speed boat) to reach marudi..

teaching hadi

i see green everywhere
on 1st day of raya,we were in chocolate theme..(i have to follow hubby's baju melayu)
happy raya
we spent about 5 days in marudi then proceed the rest of the holiday in miri...
early express to kuala baram
3 hours journey
the jetty
the bridge (upper pic) going to brunei
in miri..meeting with my sis n visiting
with cuzzie..Insyirah
visit my uncle back home
visiting is a must
at wireless (where i grew up)
nite before flying to kl
i meet up with my old good time buddies

at miza's

having good laugh
i also went to tamu muhibbah..buying ikan terubuk masin n srwk black pepper as gift
n helping my sis preparing kelupis (same like ketupat)
at tamu muhibbah
preparing kelupis
after all, i can conclude both hanis n hadi enjoy this year celebration...
nur hanis umairah
muhammad hadi iqbal
till then, bye...

Thursday, August 9, 2012


salam allz
it's been 20 days fasting
n im counting days to fly
back home

ive been ordering cookies
to bring home
n i made choc chips too
(last year i tot to sent hari raya card, but this yr i made cookies as goodies)
choc chips cookies
and pack some for my close frenz
this weekend im planning to bake
two more batch
for home n officemate
nice of me,rite..hehehhehe
cookies for u!
over the weekend
i also try milo oreo jelly
since i got myself new jelly mould
i got the recipe from kak rima bisousatoi
it's yummylicious
of course hanis n hadi excited...hehhehe
milo oreo jelly
hanis excited
till then,bye2....

note: will be taking a lot of pics during raya..cant wait to take various colors of kek lapis n share will u allz..