Monday, June 29, 2015

school reunion


I am looking forward

for my high school reunion

it will be held in august 2015 in miri

I manage to secure a place

since it is limited for 300 participants only


I book my flights

booked the hotel


just flying back to miri to attend the school reunion


well, during my old days

I was one of the student that a teacher never ask/want in their class

may be I am naughty

or just immature during that time


all I think was..happiness

so I am going to take this coming opportunity

to meet every teacher

just to thanks for their effort in teaching me

without them, I wont become as today

lots of love, xoxo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alhamdulillah..approval of housing loan

Alhamdulillah syukran
my application for govnmt housing loan has been approved
the house that I want is still under construction..
n planning to complete by 2017
cant wait to move in

my love...hanis

my love..hadi

my love..iman

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

careless mistakes..unforgiveable



I did a big mistake

last tues 9 june..I sit for my ACCA P2 exam

unfortunately I just realised I registered for wrong/inaccurate paper

I am suppose to sit for P2 INT...but I registered for P2 UK


GOSH...I was panic attacked


just how stupid idiot careless I am

thought to just walk off from the exam hall

but think twice..for the days I spent for study

no harm trying

because even I sit for p2 int, I also not very sure whether I will pass the paper..hehehehe


one month before the exam

I did check my exam docket

I received the wrong one

I emailed to acca uk


once I received the correct one

I never bothered to recheck the whole details again

just saw my name, the exam place, date n my pic

that's it

and now I learnt from my silly mistakes


I hope I can pass the paper

although there is slim chance

coz there are 20% different in term of accounting standards applied


till then, xoxo