Saturday, July 28, 2012

pok pok...mercun bawang

salam allz

everytime coming to celeb any festival
there'll be a lot of mercun
in the market

all time kids favorite
is mercun bawang
i think this is for the beginner
n it suit hanis

she willl request for this mercun
she call it pok..pok..
may b it's how the sound
of the mercun when fall on the floor

mercun bawang

hadi is not that addicted
but he enjoy one or two

playing together
enjoy in his different own way
till then, bye...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the story behind classic butter cake

salam allz
i really miss updating my blog

last sunday, i bake this classic butter cake
it was 2nd day of ramadhan

hanis n hadi really helpfull
in every ways...

every time i bake this is what we normally do (except im fasting tt day)

njoy..seem cant get enough..urghhh

classic butter cake

i really enjoy baking
its my passion
and the most important thing
hanis n hadi enjoy it too
end up eating ice cream

wall's selection anyone???

big sis..nur hanis umairah

handsome boy..muhammad hadi iqbal

hanis accompany me going for terawikh
she fall asleep for 2 consecutive nite (while waiting)

till then..bye

Thursday, July 19, 2012

salam ramadhan 1433H

Salam allz
tomorrow we will be fasting...
this is the month tt we hv been waiting for
the month full of barakah
Insya Allah everyone will getting the hidayah
and our doa will be granted
by God the Almighty

for the opportunity tt  i had
i would like to extend my apology
to everyone who knows me
and i hope our ukhwah will last forever
and we lead a happy life

as a daughter
hope my late mom and dad
be in heaven
among the soleh n solehah

as a wife
i hope my marriage will last till the end of our life
and be granted a long lasting love

as a mother
i hope good health for both hanis n hadi

as a sibling
i hope the relationship between my siblings
will be more closer

as a fren
i hope everyone love being with me
n i hope im a good company to everyone
i really treasure our frenship...

till then,bye...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

live a healthy lifestyle

salam allz
seriously...i need a healthy lifestyle
the main reason: im putting on weight...

before married: im only 50kg (wearing s size shirt/baby tee)
after 1st child: going to 52kg (wearing m size shirt)
after 2nd child: shoot to 56kg (wearing l size shirt)
and now after 2 years of giving the last birth im 60kg (i cant accept that ive to wear xl size shirt..oh no)
n it's hard to slim down...

actually ive been reading how to reduce weight...if only by reading my weight will going further down..hehehehehe...but while reading i grab something to after another i will eat!

so first thing first..i need to set target..i dont want to be skinny..i just want a healthy body n fit (just like mr hubby) i have to go to slimming center?erm, i dont think so since i think tt my situation not tt critical yet...

ive been using the staircase for the past weeks (actually a week ago)..n my stamina is getting more catching for oxygen if i have to use stairs compare to lift/elevator....then my sil suggest me to buy skipping rope(will do that since ive spare area in my house to do this activity...)

n ramadhan is just around the corner..i need to grab this oppurtunity to adjust my routine...

my plan of diet: (except for ramadhan month)

breakfast- quaker oat/2 slice of bread/ sandwiches (no roti canai/nasi lemak darling)
lunch - small portion of rice, more veges and fish (preferabbly steam) + ulam
dinner - anlene milk/fresh fruit
snacks - fibre biscuit/kurma/raisins

saturday is a cheat day..i can eat anything but in small portion for eg  a bite of big mac perhaps???or a slice of cheese cake...

and for this coming ramadhan i dont want to torture myself..i want to enjoy my fasting my diet plan will resume after syawal...(losing weight need a long way of cant be done in a twist of eyes..unless undergo lipo suction..or eating pills)

till then peeps..bye

Sunday, July 15, 2012

farewell lunch at office

salam allz
today's entry im going to talk about
farewell lunch last friday
of course it's not for me (how i wish..hehehehhe)

thx u so much pn sherry

speech by pn sherry
that day we ordered nasi ambeng (jawa's food)
it consist of rice, sambal tempe, chicken, kerabu...and so on
it's delicious
nasi ambeng
apart from that
as usual we also bring extra food from home
choc muffin - azlin isa
puding sagu - me
sausage roll - azlin syuhada
satey - rin
the food
ok, till then...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

choc chips at home

salam allz
at last, i found the best choc chips cookies recipe
it yummies
and easy to bake

my choc chips cookis

i used california walnut n ground almond
actually hanis n hadi was down with fever
... last thursday
hubby brought both of them to see the doc on friday
n yet till  tues still down with fever
n now alhamdulillah they getting better...n i can sleep through all the nite..hehehehe

last weekend
although hanis n hadi were sick,i still manage to bake cookies n a cake
for both of them
n hanis n hadi help me too

busy with the fondant
and this is hanis wearing hubby's rain jacket...

my girl

and till now im still worried
with hanis foot
she got this itchy mithcy skin
pity her
i have been bringing her to see doc (havent bring to skin specialist yet)
so no seefood for her at all...

skin problem
ok till then...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

puding sagu

salam allz..
yesterday i manage to do this
a dessert
puding sagu
very delicious when eat it in cold

actually i did this for sedekah
one of my neighbour pass away
so we decided to do kenduri tahlil for him
last nite

puding sagu
i think this time is not tt delicious
compare to before..hehehehehe
after all, im going to do this for iftar...

hanis excited

i used fresh milk

hadi at home

my love
till then, bye...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

durian n hadi's 2nd bday

salam allz...

today im free (haven't start cooking..hehehhe)
to update my blog n editing photos...

as i had mention in earlier entry..
i bought the eos1100d..
so from now on im gonna be uploading pics
using the camera
(i admit the pics is not tt pretty (but it keep me addicted tho)..hehehhe)

my loves (except the fish is hubby's passion)
hanis crying coz she also want to use the camera
the fish (arowana) is the same age with hanis
3 years old

and this is my lil home
isnt hadi cute lil pie???

kiddos at home
since yesterday, the network is not tt good at home
today, im continuing my entry...

well, june is the time of the year for most malaysian who love tropical fruit...
what else right???
both hubby and I love to eat durian
hanis and hadi too...

enjoying durian at home
did I mention tt hanis really close to mr hubby???
she only look for me when she want her milk...
other than tt, of coz hubby will b her choice...

father n daughter bonding
last weekend, we went to klia
sending my relatives back home...
I think we have been to KLIA
for two consecutive weeks
and hanis n hadi take tt opportunity to do monkey business (hehehehehe)

and last weekend,we were celebrating hadi n nasrullah (my sil adopted child) 2nd bday
what else for a mom to wish...
I wish hadi will b healthy, cheerfull and learn something fast(is tt possible??no pressure...)hehehhe...

recitation of syukran doa

faces of love

big sis hanis umairah

hadi with present

this toy keep the kids bz...
till then, lots of love...