Friday, March 28, 2014


As salam
today im 25days on confinement
sometimes im bored n cant wait for the 44days to come im gonna write a lil bit of my vbac
my edd was suppose 2nd of march..
since it was sunday so the very next day i have to go to hospital..mind u i had GDM since i pregnant with hadi
the doc intent to induce if there is no sign of delivery on the 3rd
however when the doc had a visit on tt day..she change her mind n tell me lets wait for natural blessed since i know induced = suffered

While waiting n relaxing on the hospital bed..i only had 2 contractions in between 10 minutes..seem the baby hasnt ready to come out...however when a doc make a virginal examination(VE) was 4-5cm hubby standby at the hospital incase im will b in labor room later tt nite...

i sleep through tt nite..n there was contraction but not as frequent enough..n i still praying n doa as usual...

On the 4th march..when i wake up n clean myself..i realize there.are blood coming out..i calmly told the doc n there again VE..n still 5cm..n the doc told me to have my break9fast n later going to labor room..

Since this is my 3rd experience..i took my time to have proper shower with the hope i can push easily later..had bihun n milo for breakfast n called hubby to join me in the labor room

exactly 10am..i was sent to the labor room..n the doc give me max of 4 hours for normal delivery..after 4 hours n if still hasnt reach 10cm or the bby doestnt coming out..i need to go for emergency caesarian..coz the bby had poo poo..n that makes me frighten a bit...

both hubby n me keep praying to Allah for me to deliver the bby normally...

while having contraction..i sense there was blood coming out too

finally at 2.15pm..the doc make VE..n it was tt time i still feel sleepy coz having the oxygen tube while contraction

i try to push until i feel like to give up..luckily hubby was at my side and giving full support..n i remember asking the doc..why my bby hasnt coming out..i tried my very best..

finally with the support from the doc..nurses n hubby..i give a hard non stop push n alhamdulillah my bby boy was born..his poo poo come together n then i know why i had such difficulties..actually his umbilicial cord has been at his neck..the doc urgently paying attention at the bby..

the bby was given to me for rooming n blessed coz Allah hear my prayer..i safely had my vbac n my bby is healthy weighted 4.42kg...

till then..lots of love..xoxo

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Muhammad Hamim Iman

As salam allz

i gave birth to my lil boy on 4th march
it was a short but meaningfull of delivery
Alhamdulillah God answer my prayer
i gone through varginal birth after caesarian  (vbac)

May b next time i can share the moments of delivery
we name him
Muhammad Hamim Iman

just for info:
Dob:4.3.2014 (tuesday)
hospital angkatan tentera tuanku mizan

Right after delivery
At home..n jaundice
Day 7..had cut off his hair
Day 8
Till then..lots of love..xoxo

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

rumbling on counting days

salam allz

my edd is on 2.3.2014..which is next sunday..n yet i still havent feel to show at all..just cramp a bit here n there...there are few things on my happy coz i will work till this friday..2nd, im going to be admitted n induced on next monday...uwaaaaa..scary as it remind me how i feel being induced during hadi delivery n end up caesar...

now all i need to do is doa for easy delivery n of course vaginal birth..amin...

till then...lots of love

Sunday, February 16, 2014

38 weeks preggie

As salam im coming into 38 weeks preganancy
feeling: cant wait to deliver..(since this is my 3rd baby)
we had scan n expecting baby boy
im in a good health..manage to drive to work
n sharp 4.30 im going back home
to avoid bad traffic jam in kl...

im hoping to deliver the baby before my edd
as i get bored to attend my antenatal checkup

i've prepared everything
i hope so
in welcoming the baby
unfortunately big sis hanis like to play with lil baby clothes
n i think i have to arrange n keep the baby clothes once more before delivery
n this is very tedious

actually im hoping i will experience the sign of delivery
hanis (there are blood)
hadi (no sign at all, n since im diebetic during 2nd pregnancy, had to induce n end up caesar)
3rd baby..the doc had warn, if im not deliver the baby by 3 march, i may also undergo the induce...uwaaaaa
n all my doa is that..i can go through virginal birth for the 3rd baby..amin

since then, bye2
lots of love...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

my pandora

Salam allz

2day im trying updating my blog via my phone
Im in a meeting which im not really favor to attend
so phone being my saver

after all i dont hv much idea to jot down
may b just to share my pandora
which my stories hv gone further

Looking forward to add some more charms
Other than that im also baking.blueberry cheese tart n apam polkadot
for my mil
she's going for umrah next week
so yesterday she held a kenduri

Hanis n hadi excited
Till then...will write more esp if im stucked in a meeting...

lots of love..