Tuesday, August 4, 2015

wedding in kelantan and newborn baby



Last weekend im catching a flight

to Kelantan

attending my officemate wedding


it was such a beautiful wedding

then visiting a fren who has just delivered her baby

I miss baby's smell

mine grew too fast...huhuhu


lots of love, xoxo

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

eid mubarak 1436H



this year we celebrated raya in sg petani Kedah

we travel 2 days before raya

traffic was a bit heavy


we safely arrived in Kedah one hour before midnight

what a sleepy head..off to sleep

selamat hari raya

his 2nd year raya

visited my sister in penang

my bro family visit my house

and I cooked nasi ayam

lots of love, xoxo

Monday, June 29, 2015

school reunion


I am looking forward

for my high school reunion

it will be held in august 2015 in miri

I manage to secure a place

since it is limited for 300 participants only


I book my flights

booked the hotel


just flying back to miri to attend the school reunion


well, during my old days

I was one of the student that a teacher never ask/want in their class

may be I am naughty

or just immature during that time


all I think was..happiness

so I am going to take this coming opportunity

to meet every teacher

just to thanks for their effort in teaching me

without them, I wont become as today

lots of love, xoxo

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alhamdulillah..approval of housing loan

Alhamdulillah syukran
my application for govnmt housing loan has been approved
the house that I want is still under construction..
n planning to complete by 2017
cant wait to move in

my love...hanis

my love..hadi

my love..iman

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

careless mistakes..unforgiveable



I did a big mistake

last tues 9 june..I sit for my ACCA P2 exam

unfortunately I just realised I registered for wrong/inaccurate paper

I am suppose to sit for P2 INT...but I registered for P2 UK


GOSH...I was panic attacked


just how stupid idiot careless I am

thought to just walk off from the exam hall

but think twice..for the days I spent for study

no harm trying

because even I sit for p2 int, I also not very sure whether I will pass the paper..hehehehe


one month before the exam

I did check my exam docket

I received the wrong one

I emailed to acca uk


once I received the correct one

I never bothered to recheck the whole details again

just saw my name, the exam place, date n my pic

that's it

and now I learnt from my silly mistakes


I hope I can pass the paper

although there is slim chance

coz there are 20% different in term of accounting standards applied


till then, xoxo




Wednesday, May 27, 2015

legoland johor trip

during labor day hols..we went to Johor
we stayed in jb for 2 nites
Berjaya waterfront hotel in stulang laut
my kids really enjoy this trip
i plan this trip well
one day for driving to jb, one day for LEGOLAND
and final day for driving to kl
we manage to avoid bad traffic during hols season
hubby manage to get cheap price for the entrance fee
we paid rm40/head
that's really cost saving
we tried the famous bubur in taman sentosa n kacang pool in xxx (cant remember the place name)
all in all, we really satisfy with this trip

lots of love

bawal aidijuma


im  gonna share my new so called obsession..hhahaha
its bawal scarf by aidijuma

reasons y I suddenly fall in love for this brand:
1. material very good (not look through...sheer...non visible)
2. wide..easy for aurat
3. design up to date
4. price..very reasonable (affordable)

happy 6th birthday to my darling daughter in May 2015

lots of love


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

p2 acca exam is just around the corner



this few weeks really hectic for me

I need to find time for STUDY

how I wish I have a sponge brain

so that I can read and store the knowledge


well, I have start reading my notes earlier

but somehow very hard to recall, remember and apply it

this p2 paper is a serious tough paper

corporate reporting it is


as what my lecturer told us

include in our prayer

" God, please grant us brillliant genius brain on 9 june 2015 so that we can answer the paper in ease"




I already thinking of something that I need to award myself since for the next coming weeks focusing on this exam..gonna get something precious after attempting this paper..that is my ultimate goal


before this..right after p3 exam..i went for magnum icecream indulgence..really satisfying..


passing the paper is different matter..will think of it later..of course need to spare some GBP if I have to repeat the paper!!!


lots of hope






Thursday, May 7, 2015

double bizziness for march 2015

im gonna continue sharing the bzness in march
well..let the pics tell the story
(I can not remember actually what to write..hehehehe)
this is my 1st experience working for lima langkawi
great exposure and experience
love it
I will not share most on the details
since works mean works
private and confidential
so most I share the happiest and less bz time in langkawi

selfie at langkawi lagoon..great place to stay

this is reality..everytime need to check on hp buzz

laksa ikan sekoq..yumss

great experience

I enjoy this..burppp

my boss treat us..the gulai..so sedap

sha n me
actually im afraid but I took the opportunity given on board
in march I went to Kuching too
of course for work
but pics shared are most happiest time
dinner at topshot

hubby fly to kch..we celeb his 32th bday

damai santubong

I like this pose

good catch

ayam pansuh

with teammate
 hubby and I took some time and bring our kids to penang
3d art museum

3d art museum

tell u...I like this pose

happy..enjoy the beach



very hard to get the kids attention

nice stay in lost paradise resort penang
till then...will continue sharing the hectic life as a working mom of 3 beautiful angels