Wednesday, December 26, 2012

colmar tropicale: a french themed resort

Salam allz

last weekend hubby drove us to colmar tropicale
located at Bukit Tinggi
we do not stay for the nite
the entrance fee is RM12 for adult, children RM8
kids below 4 free entrance
the fee is for colmar tropicale and japanese garden

the place suitable for photo snapping
and please be prepared to have a long walk
then only u'll enjoy the scenery

luckily hanis n hadi can walk, so it is easier
no need to bring stroller..we enjoyed the day


big sis hanis umairah

my lil hero hadi iqbal

view from parking lot
merry xmas
the hotels
my big sis who help me looking for both kids when im working

the view

hello everyone

love those structure

his reaction: priceless

this one also priceless
going to japanese village
fish..fisher and fishes
bye2 colmar
both hubby and me feel very happy
coz hanis and hadi are happy
there's no better way to make ur kids happier
than giving ur true loves...

till then, bye

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

holiday villa, cherating

salam allz

last weekend went to holiday villa, cherating
for our teambuilding
im really looking forward trip to east coast
y? coz there i can eat good delicious yummies food

the must have:
1. satar at kemaman..preferably aziz satar
2. keropok keping n lekor
3. nasi dagang

n now im inserting kopi hai peng into my list whenever i go to kemaman...


just nice for family outing

deluxe room..but i think it was not that spacious

it was sunny n windy

the beach


lobby n beach restaurant

outdoor activity: hand to hand
i love this above shows everyone is working together...this is what teambuilding is about...
this activity encourage me n nini to think creative..hahaha..of coz we are...

rest n smile



beach volleyball

kopi hai peng @ kemaman

coffee and roti kaya
i tried au liat..the taste is superb..coz they put some honey as the the must have item in the list when going to east coast is kedai kopi hai peng..hehehhee

till then, bye2...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

mini gathering

Salam allz
last friday i went up meeting with old school buddies
sorry guys, i turn late..since i went back home first, got shower n have my dinner...(actually im waiting hubby to drive me there, im afraid i will get lost n do not turn up at all)..n i also bring hanis n hadi..hehehehe

angela (i called her ah beng till now and i feel awkward if i call her by name) organise tt mini gathering..
some of my schoolmates who stayed in kl can't come
so only 6 of us
2 from 5 tekun, 2 from 5 cekal n 2 from 5 gigih..n no one from yakin (we tot ku sha turn up) hehehehe

oh..forget to intro
ah beng plan the gathering through fb
n the place is at garden, the curve
all of them straight away from office
except me..hehehehhe

sitting: mazlina n yeoh
standing (from left): ah beng, me. grace n julia
grace as usuall look jealous occay..she just like 10 years, sweet n pretty
same goes to yeoh...i think they did not take any fat in their meal...coz their body to die for (am i exaggerate or what?) hahhahhahaha..ah beng maintain and look slimmer compare to school life
maz, julia n me....we are mothers...what say u..of course we have fat everywhere..hahahahhahahaa..n we enjoy good food perhaps..

cosy n nice

mini gathering
before saying goodbye, we plan/point for next gathering
may b in bigger scale n more crowd
place: putrajaya (grace will be the host..hahahahahhaa)
time/day: weekend

hope to see more of my school buddies...

till then, bye2

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

nilai springs resort hotel

Salam allz

last week i went to nilai springs resort hotel
on workkkkkksss but i bring along my hubby n kiddos

while im bz with work
hubby brought kiddos to the pool

nilai springs

pool side

my loves

kiddos bz looking at fishes
the staff there really friendly
the place also nice n scenery is beautiful (greenery)
especially if u're a golfer

till then,bye...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

anlene and ariani

salam allz

this year im celebrating my last year of 20ties
yeah next year im getting turning 30

a few weeks ago
i sit down n think back
what i've achieved in life

before turning 30:
1. im married with 2 kids (a hubby, a girl n a boy..alhamdulillah)..n im happy with my life
2. i have my own house (i bought a house..n it is a long term investment)
3. i have my own car (actually it's a liability)
4. i have a good job ( as far as im concern..i would say i love my job)
5. i had fullfill my duty toward dad n mum..both mom n dad had pass away..n i had the chance to take care both of them..there will never be enough time to repay back what they had sacrifed (appreciate ur love one please)
6. good relationship with everyone (tt include famili in law, neighbour, hubby's work too)

what to achieve MORE before turning 30:
1. going for 2nd honeymoon - i had booked our flite..somewhere on june next year
2. buy pandora charm bracelet - pandora boutique will be open in alamanda..looking forward before my next year bday
3. starting changing my way of hijab..all this while i like to wear bawal tudung(my fav is bawal exclusive!!!)..the normal way of wearing..n i will not dare to be hijabista..lately i start to wear ARIANI...

very nice looking rite?
 4. and a few weeks ago i start to drink for my bones..i drink anlene milk twice a day..n i can feel my bones are stronger n the calcium really help...

drink to your bones campaigne
hopefully this routine will last forever..before this i can't swallow the feel of milk...but the Dato' Michelle Yeoh ads on drink for your bone has create awareness..really scary if u see the diagram showing how week is your bone..its can crake easily when u turn older..n in raya 2011, i went to see a doc n do the bone density bones are in danger below normal situation..after the doc analyse, he conclude tt..after giving born of two healthy babies (yeah..hanis was 3.73kg..hadi was 3.5kg) calcium has been transferred to them while im wonder after giving birth to hadi whenever i lay down on the floor i will suffer severe hoping with this entry u ollz will start a good routine too..yeah..start to drink for your bones!

bone density test
 (note: all pics for this entry is from google)

till then, bye2

Thursday, November 15, 2012

rayyan 1st bday

salam allz
last sunday, i drove to putrajaya with my kids (hubby is too bz with hockey tournament)
to attend rayyan 1st bday (my sil bro's son)
of course hanis n hadi excited since i told them about the bday party
they even sing bday song for rayyan at home
n now i can hear hanis mumbling and include rayyan's name whenever she play

families n friend were invited
including orphanage
abg jaja entertain everybody..n we really enjoy the jokes
kids enjoy the games
(hanis n hadi sleep early tt nite since it was tiring running everywhere)

rayyan zikry shah - 1 year old

with daddy n mummy

with atuk

entertain by abg love him..the audience too

hanis excited
till then, bye2

Monday, November 5, 2012

hubby's convocation

salam allz
last weekend we drove to melaka
to attend hubby's convocation for his diploma at merlimau
everything went well except in the evening it rain heavily

and one think is not tt good for us
the food...
before tt i google for best food in melaka
somehow we have heard also of one place
unfortunately it doest turn up well for us
if u think u're going to parameswara at umbai...lets think twice

we ordered:
1.  butterprawn - tasteless
2. kailan ikan masin n sup sayur campur - not tt really cook..i think the cook just cempak je all the ingredient
3. ikan bakar sambal..the fish was grill then only they put the sambal which is so watery (i prefer sambal which is more gross)..
4. asam pedas ikan pari - so salty ..i think the cook want to add another wife/wives
5. sotong goreng kunyit - not like want we expected

for item 4 & 5, it was too late to first after waiting for half an hour, we got the plain rice n vege (at least my kids can eat first)..then we have to wait like 45 mins to be serve with the butterprawn, the fish come 15 mins later..and worse item 4 n 5 arrived when we're full with the food..since we have to pay for it, we decided to bring it home...

n i would like to include there were two times the waiter sent meal wrongly to our table, n arrogantly checking on our order slip n did not say sorry when we're right we're not ordering the dish...i cannot tolerate this type of service to customers...i will give u FAILED for tt

for all restaurantlier out there please attain ur customer properly
we came all tt far just to try what others suggest through the net
n im not feeling guilty to condemn the way u cook
coz i dont want others waste their monies for what is not worth to pay

to cool me down, let's njoy the pics taken
i did not capture the food pics, since my mood was blown away..n it is not worth to be share with u allz..

till then, bye2

Thursday, November 1, 2012

aidiladha 1433

salam allz
aidiladha..the celebration was as usual...nothing much
my mil cook ayam masak jawa n ketupat palas (so yummies)

we went to parents in law house a bit late
n my small family not wearing typical malay custome..
hubby is more comfy with jeans
as well as the kiddos

in the afternoon, we went to marina cove resort in lumut
we stay for one nite only..most of restaurant are close since it was public holiday
the kids loves swimming..
while me catching some sleep after few tired days...(i end up woke up late)..hahahha

marina cove resort
till then, bye