Wednesday, October 31, 2012

tiara beach resort

salam allz..
there was once when i purposely took leave just to spent time with my kids
it was a few weeks ago...
i feel guilty when coming back home my kids fallen asleep n can only meet me during weekends...

so hubby n me plan brought them to tiara beach resort at PD
the room is apartment style..not tt comfy
the pool is clean

kiddos enjoy the pool
kids section
the pool
view from the room
little hadi
till then, bye...

Monday, October 15, 2012

past stories

salam took me so long to update my blog...
not tt i dont hv story to share
but time seem not be on my side

at last today i found this hour to update my story

well september n early oct been bz months for me
rite now im slowing down since the big event end
actually the big event is a disaster (waiting for the post meeting next week..for sure not a good one)
now im thinking the best moment just to avoid my mind thinking about the worse it could happen next week

in sept, we went for rayyan 3rd bday
thxs maz n zam for inviting...

the kids (aishah's, me, maz's n kila's kids)
in sept also, im celebrating my 29 bday together with mil, sil n my niece n nephew...

kids love the fresh cream black forest cake
we also spent time on weekend to metro lake..the place will be filled with people playing kites..for sure it will be bad traffic from kl to sg buloh because of triple parking at the roadside...(weekend only)..

hanis n hadi
 while my kids play with the bubble, i took tt chance to jog almost 7km...and i suffer backpain and muscle tear for 3 not healty my life..hahahahhaha

early oct, i attended national day celebration at korean embassy..the food..yummies.. i like the fresh grilled meat n not to forget kimchii...n now i know tt i love white kimchii more than the hot one...

live cook

us..the 63rd batch
till then..bye2...