Monday, February 18, 2013

hodoh malas cantik

salam allz

dalam dunia ni xda perempuan hodoh, yang ada hanya perempuan malas (ingatan untuk diri sendiri agar peka akan kecantikan)

now 56kg (normal wight)..great way of living healthy..yeah


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

shin splints

salam allz
its been a long holiday
happy chinese new year for those celebrating

for the past weeks
i've started to jog n brisk walking
for about 30 mins (4-5 times per week)

n last weekend went to times square
end up buying a new aasics GT 2170
quite comfy while jogging

n yet i still suffered from shin splits
may be i had  flat feets
so now i have to rest n put ice
till my leg is occay...

btw, i'am 57.4kg now..long way to achieve 50kg

till then, bye2

Sunday, February 3, 2013

oh yeah 1.5kg lost

salam allz
last sat my 5th session at the centre
i did the BCS treatment

when i step on the scale
yes...i lost 1.5kg
proud on myself

actually for the past week
i didn't follow strictly on diet plan
but still i dont touch rice
confession: i only eat rice when i want to wash my rice cooker (once a while only)
since there always left tiny bit here and there...hehehehehe
not good la..(curi makan)...

ive started my own weekly meal
since diet mean amalan now im choosing
healthy food
no goreng2 of coz

so early in the morning..around 5.30am
i will start my day with honey and a glass of plain water
then about 10-20 min later, i will drink my anlene
this will last until 8-8.30am (no hungry at all)

then when im reach office
will be eating proper breakfast
either meehoon (rarely..may b once or twice a week)
or oat cookies
or cereal
but all eaten for one person meal

in between will drink about 2 - 3 litres plain water till 12.30pm..and continue 2 litres until 4.00pm

then at 1.00pm, will taking my vege + fishball soup

around 3.30pm, will have my oat cookies

reaching home by 7.00pm, will have my anlene..that is for my weekdays
it doesnt stop yet, will ensure to be sweat for about 30 mis..
either i jog for 3 round, walk fastly  or play ball with kiddos

and as per weekend, i will choose either saturday or sunday to have my veggie delite at subway..

cant wait to attend seminar jom kurus with kevin zahri on 23 feb...

till then..bye2...