Sunday, June 24, 2012

innovation conference and coti alumni and lil hadi 2yrs old

Salam allz

finally hanis n hadi taking their nap
so im taking this opportunity to update my blog
1st about the conference tt i've attended
in Royale Bintang Resort, Seremban
as usual, im not going to talk about the conference(tt will be boring..hehehhee)
but to share the pics of the hotel
in case u ols will be coming to seremban
the room
the hotel

last friday nite i attended coti alumni dinner/commemorative reunion..
held at korean embassy and hosted by the ambassador of Korea
it's good to see familiar faces
and to extend networking

and this morning i sent my sis to klia
(1st time for me to drive there..all this while hubby drove)
unfortunately im confuse with the way tt hubby told
to be safe, i park at putrajy sentral and took erl straight to klia
and this is my 2years old
Muhammad Hadi Iqbal

till then...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

belated may

Salam allz

at last today
i feel like to update my blog
on what happen in last may
(such a lazy blogger)

well, my girl turn 3yrs old..20.5.2012
i bake her a red velvet cake with cream cheese topping (edible image of ben10)
hanis loves ben10 so much,even her panties also ben10...oh my girl (OMG)
as usual, hanis n hadi super excited
(though the cake is not really yummylicious)..hehehhehe
we didnt celebrate..just cake cutting at my in-laws house
my girl
then, my sil also getting married..her solemnization was on 25.5.2012
i'm super bz baking cuppies and pudding...
choc cuppies and oreo cuppies
congratulation sis!
nyway, just to update, i bought canon eos 1100d yesterday,so there's so much for me to study n njoy taking pics...
till then..bye2...

Monday, June 18, 2012

hanis 3yrs, hadi 2yrs old

salam allz

right now im in Seremban
attending a course
accompany by mr hubby
we both missing
hanis n hadi
and yes this is the only time
for us to spent the time together

many faces of our girl...Nur Hanis Umairah

our hero...Muhammad Hadi Iqbal

ok then, lots of loves to hanis n hadi...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

nikOn or canOn

Salam allz

At last today im blogging
What a bz life i had for the past weeks
Been bz since the solemnization of my sis in laws
Then the kenduri in Perak and Johor consecutively

Finally, i found out im missing something
My sad to think of this
bECOZ im missing every moments spend with my love ones

I had my compact Sony T20
Which had serve me for 5 years
Of course there is wear and tear cost
And now im desperately need one
And all i want is a DSLR

So i've been doing some homework
Looking out to accomplish my mission
And now im learning what is speed shutter, speed Count, EOS and so on
i Need more space in my head
So that i'll remember what i've read

(tO Update: we had been to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) last weekend..for me, there is nothing much to shop since the brand is also here in KL...but i also grab new Fossil wallet n bag for myself and jeans for hanis n hadi..woman cant be separate from shopping)

Till then..bye