Sunday, March 31, 2013

run the miles, fund the smiles

salam allz

this morning at 5.28am
i tot to take EL
coz hadi is not feeling well
yesterday he had been down with fever
he was not happy and cheerful as usual
all he did was lying on my lap
pity lil hadi...

n im myself also got flu
last nite took soluble
n yet this morning still with flu
pity me...

btw, just to share
yesterday i join MAKNA founder run 31.3.2013
i  tried the 7km distance
n im proud of myself..i dit it for one hour 7 mins (not tt impressive, rite?)
as long as im fit, then it will be good for me..
and i found a new friend..kak amy

great run for the day

hawa n me

kak amy n me
n the next challenge will be on this coming sunday
woman marathon in icity, shah alam
im going to try the 10km distance
will me taking leave on the next monday?
will see it..heehehehehe

and by 5.30am, suddenly hubby ask me
"didnt u take leave on last monday?"
damn n yeah
i know i hv to go work instead today...

till then bye2...


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

happy birthday darling hubby

salam allz

25.3.2013 hubby turn 30

we celebrate his birthday on 23rd nite
since all family member are around

to hubby
thxs for being the best hubby
hope we will cherish our love forever


Till then, bye2...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

cuki 4th birthday

salam allz

last sat we went to aman perdana, klang
to celeb cuki 4th birthday
he is my senior's son (sis wedy: kolej tdt hj bujang, miri)
his mother is a good fren of my sister

it is very good to see familar face
and the language
i think majority of the crowd are sarawakians
n my hubby sitting quitely ( i think he is a bit lost).hehehehhee

me meeting some senior during my college time..good to see everyone

and of coz hanis n hadi had a blast
both of them are very happy

happy 4th birthday cuki

rais dasuki
rais dasuki
hope u will be a good person
who will return good faith to our religion and nation
and will make ur parents proud of u..amin

till then, bye2

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ladies only gym

salam allz

i went to curves
it is a ladies only gym
the workout took only 30 mins of my time

personal thoughts: i think 30 mins is too short..hehehehehe

n now i dont know wheter to carry on or not..tho i had paid the lifetime fee n monthly fee for this month..

actually i reach home around 6.30-6.40pm..will drive to the gym for 7.30pm session..but my kids want to follow...the other day, i bring hanis along, n the instructor said "although everyone loves kids, here it is not allowed"...and in my head says "ok, i wont sacrify my quality time with my kids, i dont want to miss their growth"  so i had discuss with hubby, will stop to go there, instead, will jog at our house playground...will go to daily paid gym with hubby if time permit..

till then, bye2...

note: i feel more confidence since i get my curves a happy woman!

host family

salam allz

last week
21-24 feb 2013
i join exchange programme/homestay
for korean

i become a host family
for my 18 yrs old sister
lim seon kyeong alias Gimmy

not only me
but hanis n hadi
over excited
to have gimmy in our house

she arrived at klia 4.50pm on 21st feb

upon arrival at klia

malaysian food..roti canai, tosai n mee goreng mamak for breakfast

at korean embassy, jalan nipah, kl
 on friday 22 feb..we went to melaka
we visit mini malaysia, melaka wonderland and walking around the city

at mini malaysia
malaysian batik


gimmy amazed

at mini malaysia

malay wedding accesories

malay houses

traditional kueh


love this