Sunday, April 3, 2016

a year past by...and its april 2016


oh myyyy...a year pass by since i last update this blog
im so lazy indeed

well, life is good
but of course there are ups and down

im coping with my exams
kids need attention
plus a hubby to attend

im super bz now a days
need to wake up early
woke the kids to bath
sending them to my neighbour house
later rushing to fetch them home

im weighted 58.4kg (like seriuosly im getting fat)
so today im starting to not eating carbo for the next 14 days
eating more veges
wish me luck

and some exercise at home
just to keep me fit

on the 15th day, im going to touch rice..but only small portion
i dont need to wait another year to get my ideal weight
but normally i wait monday to start my diet
dont know why like that


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